Rainbow Dash's Dare Devil Licence


When Dash mentioned having to turn in her dare devil licence if she got a hooficure in "Ponyville Confidential", I figured I should create her licence, just for fun. It should even be printable, just in case you want one of your own.

Issued 02-18-2011, the day Sonic Rainboom aired. I figured that was the day she earned it, for her fantastic flying, and saving 4 ponies lives.

Expires at the end of the year approximately 4 years from the time it was issued. They have a 13th month because I figured it might make sense that they would run off of a lunar calendar. (I know next to nothing about lunar calendars, though, so don't kill me if it wouldn't really work.)

Licence number is CD for Cloudsdale, which issued the licence, and the episode number of Sonic Rainboom, Season 1, episode 16. (Plus some extra 1's just because it needed to be longer, or for the year 2011. Take your pick.)

Her address is of course 1337, (leet) and I liked Thunder Lane as a street name, which was of course inspired by the pegasus named in "Hurricane Fluttershy".

Date of Birth is 10/10, the day season 1, episode 1 aired. The year is when My Little Pony first aired, which would make her about 29, which might be a little older than she should be, although it doesn't really matter since we have no clue how old the ponies really are. I was going to use 2003, which was when RD first appeared in Gen3, but then I think she'd be too young.

Weight is just my guess of what she weighs in pounds. I hope she won't kill me if it's a little high. (Besides, it doesn't say 125 of what.)

Endorsements are Spitfire, Soarin and Celestia, because I figured you needed a sponsor or two in order to get the licence, and they all seemed to be likely candidates. (Yeah, I know that's not how endorsements work on a real licence. But guess what! This isn't a real licence!)

Dashie is Awesome by NarkoHunt

Cloudsdale Landscape by Nighthoof

Princess Celestia Cutie Mark by BlackGryph0n

RBD Cutiemark - Vector by Grendo11

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