Gadget and The Brain

By Framwinkle

Written 1998-05-12

It's a quiet morning in the Acme labs, as once again, Pinky and The Brain have failed to take over the world the night before. Now, The Brain is looking at a picture, while Pinky is in the background watching an infomercial for "Pet-pori" (Yes! Now you too can have the smell of animals in your house any time you want! Pet-pori now comes in two wonderful scents! Wet dog, and territorial cat! Order today!)

Pinky gets bored, (There's a first!), and wanders over to see what Brain is looking at.

Pinky : Who's that, Brain?

Brain : Gadget Hackwrench. Ah! Now there's a mouse! She is the one I want to share the world with after I take it over.

Pinky : Ooo! She is pretty, isn't she Brain? But, umm... no... wait. Doesn't she work for that other company, Brain?

Brain : Technicaly, yes. But her show has been in reruns for 9 years, so it's alright. Besides, with my brilliant strategy, and her engineering genius, world conquest would soon be ours! If only I could persuade her to loose those retched chipmunks.

And so, Pinky and The Brain travel to Ranger HQ, and manage to convince Gadget to help them take over the world. For, like Pinky, Gadget is bored as well. What with all the constant bickering over her between the 'munks, and the smell of yet another cheese dish cooking in the kitchen, she decides that it would be a good change of pace, and an excuse to get out for a while. "And who knows?" she thinks, "Maby once we've taken over the world, I can get my own show!"

Soon, Pinky, Gadget, and Brain are devising a plan to take over the world while they wait in line at a fast food resturant, where they are about to order lunch.

Brain : So here's my plan. First, we take over New York. Then, once we have that, the rest of the world will fall at our feet!

Gadget : Golly! You call that a plan? No wonder you've never made it before. First, we don't have feet. We have paws. And second, we still need a way to take over New York. But I suppose I could come up with something that should work. Just give me a sec.

Pinky : Umm, no, I don't think they sell sex here.

Gadget and Brain : Shut up Pinky!

And before lunch is over, Gadget has scribbled out a plan on a napkin, (All great things are written on napkins, don'tcha know!), which she then shows to The Brain.

Brain : A knife, a fork, a bottle, and a cork? That's the way to steal New York?

Gadget : Yes! (Sorry. Information Society inside joke. ;)

Before 3:00 pm, they have New York, and before 5:00 pm, the world is finally theirs. All appears well as the world unites under the rule of these two beloved mice, and Pinky.

But out in space, two aliens watch with glee.

Kodos : Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Kang, look at those morons down there, worshipping a pair of mice!

Kang : Yes, Kodos! Earth is now truly ripe for the plucking! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Gadget and Brain now watch helplessly as the Rigellian spacecraft begins to level New York.

Gadget : So, I assume you have a contingency plan for this scenario?

Brain : What?! Oh... uh... why of course I have a contingency plan. Why wouldn't I have a contingency plan? Contingency plans are what I do best!

Gadget : Yeah? And Tiggers bounce! Let's hear it!

But alas! It is not to be! For sometimes, The Brain is a stupid twit! So, once the aliens learn that Elvis is nowhere to be found, and decide that the Earth is not worth their time after all, Gadget goes home. One can only take just so much of The Brain's ego anyway. Without Gadget to help him rule the world, Brain's power quickly crumbles, and by 9:00 pm, everything has returned to normal, just as it always does.

As Gadget returns to Ranger HQ, she realizes just how nice it is to be able to feel so intellectually superior to the other Rangers. "Golly! Some of that ego must have rubbed off on me.", she thinks. Gadget then enters her room, takes her glass cutter out of her pocket, and lays it next to her bed. But as she does so, she feels something else in the pocket, and removes a small piece of paper with a number written on it. Gadget smiles as she picks up her phone and dials the number.

Gadget : Hello, Pinky? So, what do you want to do tonight?

The End

All charaters in this story were used without permission, and belong to their respective companies. Gadget and the Rescue Rangers are the property of Walt Disney. Pinky and The Brain are the property of Warner Brothers. And Kang and Kodos are the property of Twentieth Century Fox. (Just don't tell Kang and Kokos that!) ;)

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