Granny Pie


I had this idea about Pinkie's Granny Pie, and how maybe she had some influence on Pinkie's upbeat attitude. We know she taught her to giggle at the ghosties, so it just kind of made sense to me that she might have been a bit like Pinkie, and may have tried to make everypony happy, so I had to draw it.

The basic idea is that Granny Pie helped teach Pinkie how to be happy, and that the rainboom simply make it click inside her head so she could understand what Granny Pie had been trying to teach her. Then, even in death, Granny Pie didn't want the ponies she knew to mourn a loss, but to be happy, and celebrate a life well lived. I think that's a much better way to remember someone anyway.

I would like to vectorize and color it later, but I have no idea how long that'll be, since I'll have to learn how to use Inkscape first.

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