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Tiny Toon Adventures

  1. Acme Acres!

    My forum for Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Come talk Tiny Toons in Acme Acres!

Rescue Rangers

  1. The Acorn Cafe
    This message board is the main hub on the internet for Rescue Ranger fans.

  2. Russian CDRR Portal
    Russian CDRR Portal

    The Russian CDRR Portal is an amazing Rescue Ranger web page, possibly the biggest around, chocked full of tons of interesting stuff. You can't afford to miss this one!

  3. CDRR Headquarters
    CDRR Headquarters

    Another fantastic Russian page with RR trivia, mistakes, fan art, comics, videos and much more!

  4. Of Mice and Mayhem
    Of Mice and Mahem

    An absolutely incredible fan-created Rescue Ranger comic done by Chris Fischer. If you haven't seen it yet, prepare to be blown away!

  5. The RR Database
    The RR Database

    An ambitious attempt to collect everything Rescue Ranger and put it all on one web site.

  6. Kat's Gadget Hackwrench and the Rescue Rangers page!
    Kat's Gadget Hackwrench and the Rescue Rangers page

    A pretty nice place with some interesting insights from the author, and archives of many threads from the Acorn Cafe.

  7. The Rangerphile Directory
    The Rangerphile Directory

    Originally created by myself, but now hosted and maintained by DX Kelly, this listing of Rescue Ranger fans on the internet may surprise you.

  8. CDRR on DVD Now!

    A small site dedicated to getting the Rescue Rangers on DVD!

  9. The Internet Gadget Archive

    At one time, this page was almost always the first one found online by any new Rangerphile, and is an important piece of RR online history. It's one of the oldest pages out there, and although it hasn't been updated in a while, it's still very impressive. This archive was once nearly comprehensive of everything having to do with Gadget on the internet, incliding scores of pictures and fan fics.

  10. Mooncrystal!
    Meghan Brunner's collection of Rescue Ranger fanfics, some of the oldest, and still best, on the web.

  11. Everything Rescue Ranger
    An interesting list, (with pictures!) of a great many of the Rescue Ranger products that have been produced.

  12. The Gadgetism Test
    Are you a Gadgephile? Test your level of Gadgetism with the original Gadgetism test.


  1. Freefall

    Witty, funny, and with lots of heart, Freefall goes where no wolf has gone before. Follow the exploits of Florence, a genetically engineered wolf, Sam, a squid-like alien, and Helix, a good natured robot.

  2. Girl Genius

    Girl Genius is a facinating web comic of adventure, romance, and mad science.

  3. MythAdventures Comics
    Another great comic done by Studio Foglio, who does Girl Genius. This one is about an apprentice magician.

  4. Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
    A cute little furry comic, originally based very loosely on Furcadia.

  5. Carry On
    I'm not really sure how to describe this one, but it's good enough that I read it regularly.

  6. Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life
    Just what it says. An interesting, sometimes weird comic, but fun!

  7. xkcd
    A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. Often kind of geeky, which is why I like it.

  8. Real Life Comics
    Another kind of geeky comic that I enjoy.


  1. Rush Limbaugh

    Stay up to date on current issues and get the real deal from the Doctor of Democracy himself, Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Glenn Beck

    Web page of the Glenn Beck radio program.

  3. The Drudge Report
    Possibly the best source for news on the internet.


  1. Galbadia Hotel
    A nice place to find anime and video game soundtracks.

  2. Help kill spam on the internet.

Links to My Stuff

  1. Acme Acres!

    My forum for Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Come talk Tiny Toons in Acme Acres!

  2. Deviant Art
    My Deviant Art page.

  3. You Tube
    My You Tube account.

  4. My Blog

  5. Facebook
    My Facebook page.

  6. Twitter
    My Twitter page.

  7. Fan History Wiki - Framwinkle
    My user page on the Fan History Wiki.

  8. My Space
    My profile on My Space. I don't use MySpace very much, though.

    Link back to me

    I have two different buttons you can use to link to Acme Acres, one is a standard 31x88, and the other is a little bigger and fancier, made by C.H.

    Link to Acme Acres.

    No buttons for Framwinkle yet, but I do have one for my Rescue Ranger page, Pistachio! Feel free to use it to link to my page from your own web page.

    Link to Pistachio!

    Extra Buttons

    I usually try to use buttons created by the page I'm linking to, but sometimes they just don't have any, or I don't like what they offer, so I create my own. Here you can find extra buttons I may have created for various websites other than my own. Feel free to use them to link to those sites on your own web page if you wish. Just remember to upload them to your own server.

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