Something Red

Chip finally gets Gadget to agree to go on a date with him and casually suggests she wear something red, having a certain dress in mind. Unfortunately for him, Gadget's wise to his idea, and as he comes around a corner he finds that things didn't turn out exactly the way he had planned.

Gadget: "Well, Chip, you did say to wear something red."

A combination of two official Disney RR poses. I colored Chip and Gadget and then created the background. I got the idea for this one after Winston scanned some pictures that had come in a rare RR press kit he'd won off of Ebay. I don't think anyone had ever seen that pose of Gadget before, and after noticing that all the scans were perfect for coloring, I had to try it out. Then I got the idea of changing the colors, and this scene was the result.

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