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I got this idea after seeing the spoiler clip the Hub showed about a week before season 2 started, where Discord takes away the ponies wings and horns, and I realized that suddenly Pinkie Pie was the most powerful pony in the group, because of the way she can be all cartoony and manipulate the 4th wall. I wanted to explore that idea just for the fun of it, and this was the result.

It starts off right at the end of the clip when Discord tells them goodluck and then disappears. I started sketching this just after I saw the clip, so the actual episode hadn't aired yet, and I had no way of knowing how it would go, so this is pretty much completely wrong, but I still think it's fun, so it's going to continue. It's still not done, and should top out at 8, maybe 9 pages, but don't hold your breath, because I'm very slow.

On the plus side, I've seen my art get markedly better as a result of doing this comic. Some things I've learned: Never use both sides of the paper to draw on. Unfortunately, the other side shows through a little bit, and every page is going to be like that now. Oh well. Also, Discord is a lot harder to draw than a pony, and Rarity's hair is even harder. I think my favorite scene on this page is Rarity comforting Fluttershy. I hadn't planned that, but I really like the way it turned out.

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