Epic Pinkie Pie - Pg. 2


I got this idea after seeing the spoiler clip the Hub showed about a week before season 2 started, where Discord takes away the ponies wings and horns, and I realized that suddenly Pinkie Pie was the most powerful pony in the group, because of the way she can be all cartoony and manipulate the 4th wall. I wanted to explore that idea just for the fun of it, and this was the result. For a full explanation, see page 1.

For this page, I kind of cheated with the elements of harmony, because I drew them as simple spheres, rather than the jewel things they became later. It was just easier that way. Also, micro ponies just don't look good, because you can't fit in enough detail. I'm pretty happy with how the last panel came out, though. I'd never tried anything with such dramatic perspective, and I think I did ok for a first try.

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