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Framwinkle - 2002-12-02
1. Foxglove: "...and I'm going to leave you hanging from this branch until you say YES!"

2. Foxglove: "Oh sweetikins? Why was my diary in your stack of comic books?"

3. Foxglove: "Oh cutie? Any idea how my diary ended up on the Foxglove Feature?"

Alex - 2005-03-05
1. Foxglove: "Gadget or me, Dale? Just remember that if you give me the wrong answer I WILL drop your SORRY TAIL onto the ground from this tree branch...."

Wolf - 2005-09-01
1. Foxglove: "Hmmm... wonder why that scene from "Spider-Man" just went through my head?"

Larry Larsson - 2006-02-27
1. Foxglove: "Alright, big boy! Either you ask me to marry you now, or it's chipmunk pancake time!"

Midnight Man - 2007-05-01
1. Foxglove: "Oh Dale, I've been a bit around town yesterday and... Does the name Clarice ring a bell?"

2. Foxglove: "Monty's making breakfast today. So no getting away for you!"

3. Foxglove: "Dale, how come I get letters and mails from fans all around the world, but nothing from you?"

4. Foxglove: "As if you had a chance, Dale. I'm a bat, remember? Even Zipper couldn't sneak past me without me hearing him."

5. Foxglove: "Hi, cute stuff!"
Dale (from below): "Paws off my girlfriend, DTZ, or I'll kick you all the way back to Fleeblebrox!"

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Foxglove: "Cutie, I know this is your favorite shirt, but it stinks! It's been a year since it was last washed, now gimmie!"

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