Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2002-12-01
1. Gadget: "Ha! You think warp is cool? Wait'll I shift into ludicrous!"

2. Gadget: "Hang on, guys! I'm not sure what this lever does!"

Kamali - 2004-11-18
1. Dale: "Gadget, you've seen too much 'Speed Racer', haven't you?"
Gadget: "Aero-Jack, GO!"
Chip: "That would be a yes..."

Sejen - 2005-01-15
1. Monty: "Ere! Gadget luv! Ain't that the DIC version of Sonic the Hedgehog we just ran over?"
Gadget: "Silence! NO ONE escapes from the wrath of the Disney empire! Now.. where's that reverse gear?"

ColSamatoshi - 2005-06-27
Gadget: "We're not going fast enough? OK!" (Pulls lever)

CCC - 2006-02-22
1. Gadget: "Let's see... this is either the brake, or the release for Dale's ejector seat. Hold tight, everyone!"

Midnight Man - 2006-11-11
1. Dale: "I've got no problems with you taking Gadget out to the movies, Chip. An' none with foreign movies either. But did it have to be Ronin?"

2. Chip: "Um, Gadget, are you sure we'll catch up with Nimnul on that subway train?"
Gadget: "Sure I'm sure! I know what I'm doing. I've watched French Connection 46 times!"

3. Gadget is testing the video game controller she had built for Dale. And has been for five hours straight.
Dale: "And I thought I was addicted to video games!"
Chip: "I told you it's a bad idea to get that copy of Gran Turismo 4."
Gadget: "You call that race driving? Huh! You drive like your own grandma!"

4. Chip: *thinks* "Since when does Gadget drive so brutally? And why did I have to tell her how that shifting works? I mean, she has built it! *sniff* And since when does she use pineapple-scented perfume?"

Yunkel - 2007-01-26
1. Chip: "No Gadget! Please don't run over that poor salesman!"
*Gadget pulls lever & accelerates*
Dale: "Too late."

Loki - 2007-03-25

Jeff"Jedi Squirrel"Hayes - 2007-05-31
1. Dale: "Gadget, are you trying to hit everyone in the park?"
Gadget: "No. Just that mime."

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