Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2004-01-10
1. Mice/Chipmunk relations among the Rangers suffered a major blow, shortly before Chip suffered blows, for letting his mouth work faster than his brain.
Chip: "I don't see what the big deal is. Your tail is too long anyway!"

Larry Larsson - 2004-08-31
1. Chip: "I'm sorry Monty. We had to vote someone off the island, and I need Dale to do all the work. And as for Gadget, well... she keeps me warm at night."

CCC - 2006-02-23
Chip: "Have you considered getting a prosthetic tail? Dale's had one for years..."

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
Chip: "You say that the strange submarine actually ran over your tail with wierd, scallop-shaped wheels? Great! Let's get your tail over to the A.P.F. crime lab and dissolve it in acid to find out what kind of sediment the sub's been driving in. From that, we can discover... Monty, why are you looking at me like that?"

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