Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2004-01-21
1. Gadget: "Ok, Dale! Who locked out every channel but Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network?"

Andrew J. Talon - 2004-02-23
(It's always in the last place you look.)
1. Gadget: "And you wanted me to get my metal detector!"

Wolf - 2005-09-01
1. Gadget: "...and I'm NOT giving it back until you take back what you said about my TAIL!"

dantebunny - 2006-10-15
1. Gadget: "I have the remote and I'm NOT going to miss a single episode of "Bleach" on Adult Swim!"

Midnight Man - 2007-01-16
1. Gadget: "Really, Dale! Out of all cartoon shows, does it have to be Bonkers?"

2. Gadget: "Now we're on DVD, and I've still got a black nose in that scene?"

3. Gadget: "Okay, Mr. Salesman, just stand still where you are, I'd like to test something..."

4. Gadget: "Golly, what's the big deal about me building a remote control for my interocitor?"

Jeff "Jedi Squirrel" Hayes - 2007-02-06
1. Gadget: "This is Semtex. It is the most powerfull plastic explosive on earth. What are you kids doing with it? Dexter?? Stewie??"

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