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Framwinkle - 2004-01-21
1. Deep within a secret underground hanger, even Gadget wonders if she's ready to be the test pilot for the government's newly acquired, top secret "aircraft".
Monty: "Isn't she a beaut', Gadget-luv? 0 to warp in only 3.7 seconds, and they say she's only got a couple a hundred light years on 'er!"

2. Monty: "And that, Gadget-luv, is how you tie a tripple overhand sheetbend with a three-quarter double monkey's fist using 37 cats."

The Gnome - 2004-09-26
1. Monty: "And this is where the skunkworks pills their spare parts."
Gaget: "Ooooh!"

Severe Weather Eddie - 2006-10-05
1. The Rescue Rangers "visit" Stagate Command and Area 51.
Monty: "Chip said that he thinks that they're callin' this ship the Prometheus..."
Gadget: "Wow..."

Foxboy - 2007-02-18
1. Star Wars reference...
Monty (as Han Solo): "She may not look like much, but she can make .5 past light speed. That's where it counts."

2. A creative slump...
Monty: "What's it do, Gadget, luv?"
Gadget: "I don't know. I just put some random spare parts together and hoped it'd do something if I push the button..."

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Monty: "Sure, they may look big, but we've got teamwork. Besides, after the series got cancelled, this job as players in the NHL was the only way to pay the bills. Those airplane spare parts don't come cheap. Aw, buck up, Gadget-luv, look on the bright side. I signed you up to be the goalie!"

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