Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2004-01-21
1. Somehow the Rangers mistakenly find their way into a Monty Python cartoon.
Gadget: "Golly, Chip! I'm not sure what those things are over there, but they sure can spit!"

Larry Larsson - 2004-08-31
1. Gadget: "Golly guys! It worked for Mary Poppins, why not me?"

NintendoMax - 2006-01-28
1. Chip tries not to sneeze in the other Rangers' faces.

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Gadget: "Golly, Dale. I take back what I said about you imagining those beans. This is fantastic!"
Chip: "Is that a castle on that other cloud?"

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