Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2004-10-06
1. Gadget: "Hey Chip! Watch me thread this flock of geese!"

2. Gadget: "Whew! I've seen inside jet engines before, but never quite like that!"

3. Gadget: "We got him, Chip! That'll teach that pesky beagle!"

Robert (The Gnome) Johnson - 2004-10-08
1. Gadget: "See Chip? I told you that centripetal force will keep you in your seat!"

CCC - 2006-02-23
1. Gadget: "That was fun! Let's see what THIS lever does!"

Midnight Man - 2006-11-11
1. Gadget: "Woo-hoo! Aren't barrel rolls fun, Dale? Um, Dale? Monty? Zipper?"

Live2dream - 2006-12-09
1. Near death experiences...
Gadget: "Golly! I've never seen so much white light before!"

Jeff "Jedi Squirrel" Hayes - 2007-02-06
1. Gadget (After seeing ID4): "I have got to get me one of these!"

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Gadget: "Chip, did you know that physics tells us that when you approach the speed of light in an atmosphere, the friction of just air passing over your body will cause you to spontaneously combust? Well, I say phooey on that hogwash! Fasten your seat belt while I push the big red button labeled 'warp core'!"

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