Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2004-10-09
1. Polititian: "And if I'm elected, I promise acorns on every tree, and cheese in every hole."
Gadget: "Golly! They're really desperate to get out the vote this year, aren't they?"

Mr. Spumoni - 2005-11-26
1. TV Announcer: "Many big box retailers are closing early to prevent crowds, local police forces are stretched to their limits, the internet is crashing due to people searching online, and now there are distrurbing reports of riots at DVD outlets..."
Dale: "Man! I didn't think that Volume 1 of our DVD set would be this popular!"

Jeff Jedi Squirrel Hayes - 2006-07-13
1. Gadget: "Uh guys? Lets turn this maggot infestested rock and roll FM guy off and listen to Rush. Geeeezze louise! Or at least lets watch that episode of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye I recorded. You know? The one Nikita Ager guest stars in?"

Midnight Man - 2006-08-27
1. Blather: "Breaking news. The rights to Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers have been bought from The Disney Corporation by a group who call themselves the Rangerphiles. According to their spokesman, new episodes are to be expected as well as a number of feature-length movies."
Dale: "Wowie-zowie! Our adventures on the big screen!"
Chip: "See, Dale? It's important to watch the news."

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Stan Blather: "Our top story tonight may spark old memories. It appears that another rodent superhero has started to clean the streets of crime. This time it's a fat mouse with a moustache. He's wearing a slouch hat and black cloak. He's already beat up five muggers and stopped a carjacker. In an unrelated event, a warehouse of imported cheese reports their entire shipments for six months have disappeared. This is Stan Blather signing off, saying, 'Crime does not pay'."
Chip: "Another rodent superhero? Okay, role call! Who's not here?"

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