Pistachio! Rescue Ranger Captions


Framwinkle - 2005-11-08
1. Chip: "Do I look fat? Tell me, Gadget. I think I've put on some weight. I look fat, don't I?"
Gadget: 'Don't answer him... Just back away... slowly...'

2. Worried that Dale might be gaining the upperhand, Chip tries new tactics.
Chip: "Listen, Gadget. I can belch all the vowels. AAAAAA! EEEEEEE!..."

Mr. Spumoni - 2005-11-22
1. Chip: "Oh, no, no, no, Gadget. I'm not having second thoughts about helping you with your experiment. I just thought that I felt the baby kicking is all..."

CCC - 2006-02-23
1. Chip: "Dale? Dale? Are you alright down there? I just need to tell you- there is no Mysterious Land of Chocolate in the sewers, I'm afraid that was another trick I played on you..."

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Gadget: "Golly, Chip. At this rate, we won't be able to rescue Dale before the bomb goes off! What do we do?"
Chip: "It's time to get serious! Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

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