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Framwinkle - 2006-08-04
1. Gadget: "Golly! You people actually read these things?"

2. Gadget: "I'm on Candid what?"

3. Dale: "Hold still, Gadget! This will be perfect for that Gadgephile.com website."

4. Gadget: "Golly! I didn't think even Dale could eat that much chocolate!"

5. Gadget: "I'm in a cartoon? You mean... there are people? Watching!?"

6. Gadget: "....wowzers!"

7. Gadget: "Golly! I've never seen SD-RAM combust like that before! Just what website were you looking at, Dale?"

8. The mystery of Chip's ears, revealed! (But not to you.) ;)
Gadget: "Golly! So that's how he does it!"

Midnight Man - 2006-08-27
1. Gadget: "I didn't know that 'drooling fanboy' is meant literally."

2. Gadget: "What did you say? How many websites are dedicated to me?"

3. Gadget: "Golly! That's a long row of artists. And they've all come from Russia to see me?"

4. Gadget looks into a mirror.
Gadget: "So that's where I've left my goggles! Well, that explains why I've had a headache over the past two weeks."

CCC - 2006-08-29
1. Gadget finds Gadgephile.com.
Gadget: "Golly!"

2. The moment Gadget realises she forgot to turn off her homemade security system... and the moment before receiving a plunger to the face.
Gadget: "Ooopmmmph! Mmmmph!"

3. Lawhinie: "You mean I'm supposed to wear this disguise WITHOUT makeup?"

dantebunny - 2006-10-15
1. Babs: "Your voice...it almost sounds like mine..."
Gadget: "I know, but who the heck are you...?"

(I think someone's about to get a plunger to the face.) ;)
2. Gadget: "Excuse me...but what is this "fanservice" you speak of...?"

Gynsu Samatoshi - 2006-12-04
1. Gadget: "Um, did Dale just say "oops"......"

Live2dream - 2006-12-09
1. Gadget practices some acting...
Gadget: "Hey Chip! Check out my 'Deer in Headlights' impression!"

Loki - 2007-03-25
1. Gadget: "So why exactly am I in your story again?"

Charles Johnson - 2007-06-01
1. Gadget: "Um, Dale? I don't really care if you're feeling depressed. Shaving your entire body bald and throwing your shirt away is NOT the way to make a fashion statement! And definitely not out in public!"

2. Gadget: "You want me to do WHAT with WHO?"

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