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The Rescue Rangers are a group of animals, two chipmunks, two mice and a fly, who have banded together in an effort to fight crime and look out for the little guy. They specialize in solving the cases that the human police either don't have time for, or deem too insignificant. As they say, though, no case is too small, and many of these "little cases" often lead to much bigger situations.

In this universe, animals are sentient beings, most of whom wear clothes, use tools, and often live in loose societies. Humans seem to remain oblivious to all this, however, and still treat them as lower life forms much as they do in reality. All animals seem to be able to speak with one another and understand human speech, but humans can not usually understand the animals.

Released in 1989 by Disney, this show is meant for children and is generally silly and light-hearted, but it also often has gags and references that only adults will understand, making it enjoyable for a wide range of ages. The characters are likeable and entertaining, although because this series does not have any particular playing order, there is little obvious character development. A great deal is still implied, however, leaving much about the characters open to the viewers imagination an interpretation, such as the relationship between Chip and Dale with Gadget. Also, like most cartoons that lack a playing order, each episode generally ends with things in much the same state as when it began.

Main Characters

Chip - VA Tress MacNeille.
The unofficial leader of the Rescue Rangers, Chip is the force that keeps them motivated and together. He is strong willed, persistent and self-sacrificing, but sometimes comes across as cold and uncaring since he tends to focus heavily on the case at hand. He loves to read mysteries and shares a crush on Gadget with his long time friend, Dale.

Dale - VA Corey Burton.
Dale tends to be the yang to Chip's yin. A goof-off and a slacker, he spends much of his time watching tv and reading comic books, which often earns him a bop on the head from Chip. His antics even get the group in trouble at times, however, he is also an unpredictable, mischievous wild card that keeps the villains guessing.

Gadget Hackwrench - VA Tress MacNeille.
Gadget is a mechanical genius with an incredible talent for inventing whatever the Rangers need out of common everyday items. Gentle, innocent, and compassionate, with a heart of gold, she tends also to be so focused that she is generally oblivious, even to Chip and Dale's advances.

Monterey Jack - VAs Jim Cummings and Peter Cullen.
Coming from a family of world-wise globe-trotting adventurers, Monterey Jack is always in search of the next piece of cheese, which is his main obsession and one of his two weakness, the other being a fear of cats. He lends his vast experience to the Rangers and serves as their muscle, enjoying a good fight and preferring the direct "hands-on" method to dealing with villains.

Zipper - VAs Frank Welker and Corey Burton.
Long time traveling companion to Monty, Zipper is much more than his size implies, possessing great courage, loyalty, and surprising strength. He often serves as the Rangers scout, utilizing his ability to fly and move quickly to get to things and go places that would otherwise be out of reach.


Fat Cat - VA Jim Cummings.
One of the recurring villains, Fat Cat is a major crime boss of the animal underworld who seeks to destroy the Rangers for repeatedly interfering with his plans.

Fat Cat's gang - VAs Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen, and Corey Burton.
From left to right, Wart, Meps, Mole and Snout make up Fat Cat's gang of henchmen who do most of the dirty work in his plans, usually because they're too stupid to do anything else.

Professor Norton Nimnul - VA Jim Cummings
Another recurring villain, Nimnul is a mad scientist who's always coming up with a new scheme for acquiring power and wealth using one of his many incredible inventions.

Aldrin Klordane
Once a major criminal mastermind, Klordane indirectly gave the Rangers their start when he framed Detective Drake for the theft of a ruby in "To the Rescue" parts 1-5.

Lahwhiney - VA Deborah Walley.
While the Rangers are on vacation in Hawaii in "Gadget Goes Hawaiian", Lahwhiney discovers that she and Gadget look nearly identical, and uses that fact to trick Gadget into taking her place in a survival test.

Mr. Dumpty
A serious egg collector, Mr. Dumpty is thwarted by the Rangers when he tries to steal a rare booby egg from its mother in, "Three Men and a Booby".

In "Case of the Cola Cult", Bubbles was defeated by Gadget when he tried to take over the cult and dispose of the other Rangers.

Desiree D'Allure
Using her status as Monty's old girlfriend from the past, Desiree tricks the Rangers into helping her steal a valuable antique in, "Love is a Many Splintered Thing."

Rat Capone
Appearing in "Mind Your Cheese and Q's", and "The S.S. Drainpipe", Rat Capone is another major crime boss of the animal underworld.

Irwina Allen
Irwina uses an invention she creates in "Risky Beesiness" to hypnotize and steal a swarm of bees, making them play instruments in her rock and roll band.

Captain Finn - VA Rob Paulsen.
In "A Creep in the Deep", Captain Finn attempts to use an old submarine he found to get revenge on humans for their consumption of seafood.

Other Characters

Foxglove - VA Deborah Walley.
Appearing in "Good Times, Bat Times", Foxglove has an intense crush on Dale, and helps the Rangers thwart the plans of a wanna-be witch.

A teenage squirrel, Tammy appears in "Adventures in Squirrelsitting" in which she has a crush on Chip and tries to impress him by attempting, on her own, to recover the Maltese Mouse from Fat Cat.

Bink is Tammy's adorably cute baby sister who has a knack for causing mischief, and eating three or four times her body weight in a single sitting.

Canina LaFur - VA Carol Channing.
A canine actress appearing in "A Chorus Crime" and "They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?", Canina has been a star of stage, screen, and the occasional dog food commercial for years, and years, and years, and years... and years...

A police dog owned by Detective Drake in "To the Rescue" parts 1-5, Plato was a hero to Chip and Dale, and helped give the Rangers their start.

Detective Donald Drake - VA Rob Paulsen.
Framed for the theft of a ruby by Klordane in "To the Rescue" parts 1-5, the soon-to-be Rangers helped to clear Drake's name.

Cheddarhead Charlie
Cheddarhead is the adventurous act first and think later father of Monterey Jack, and appeared in "Parental Discression Retired."

Camembert Kate
Kate is Monterey's equally adventurous, though perhaps slightly wiser, mother who helped the Rangers with a case in, "A Lean on the Property."

Clyde Cosgrove
An inventor of kitchen appliances, Cosgrove gets help from Gadget with his inventions, and his self esteem, in "The Luck Stops Here."

A fortune telling gypsy moth, Cassandra is a long time friend of Monty and Zipper, and foretells doom for Chip in "Seer No Evil."

Flash the Wonder Dog - VA Rob Paulsen.
Flash the Wonder Dog, in the episode of the same name, is a cowardly actor who needs the Rangers help to clear his name after Fat Cat frames him for numerous bad deeds in an effort to tarnish his image.

Queen of the stolen swarm in "Risky Beesiness."

A lab rat of Nimnul's, Sparky helps the Ranger's foil Nimnul's plan to rob banks in, "Does Pavlov Ring A Bell?"

Officers Muldoon and Kirby
Two cops on the beat who appear in numerous episodes, often cleaning up after the Rangers put a stop an evildoer's plans.

Sergeant Spinelli - VA Jim Cummings.
Muldoon and Kirby's boss.

Episode Guide

With only a few exceptions, the 65 Rescue Ranger episodes are designed to appear in no particular order. Those that do have a link of continuity between them have been listed here first, with everything else listed alphabetically.

1 ~ To the Rescue, Pt. 1
In this first episode we meet Chip and Dale, two fun loving, adventure seeking chipmunks, until the notorious criminal Aldrin Klordane frames Detective Drake for the theft of a valuable ruby. Drake's police dog, Plato, is a big hero of the two chipmunks, so they offer to help get the ruby back to clear Drake's name while Drake is in the slammer. This leads them to the rooftop casino of Klordane's cat, Fat Cat, who has temporarily taken the ruby from Klordane without his knowledge.

2 ~ To the Rescue, Pt. 2
After barely surviving an "escape" from Fat Cat's casino, Chip and Dale follow Fat Cat and the ruby to a dry cleaners where Fat Cat purchases a rare Japanese fighting fish from a pair of Siamese cat twins. After another harrowing escape, they follow Fat Cat onto a large cargo ship where they meet Monterey Jack and his friend, Zipper. After an initial scuffle, Monty agrees to help the chipmunks catch Fat Cat after Fat Cat dumps Monty's home overboard.

3 ~ To the Rescue, Pt. 3
Chip, Dale, Monty and Zipper confront Fat Cat on the ship, but Fat Cat gets away and the ship ends up running aground down the middle of a city street. The four heroes discover that Fat Cat and Klordane are heading with the ruby by helicopter to Glacier Bay, so Monty takes the group to a junked WW2 bomber at the airport where they meet the final member of the would-be Rangers, Gadget Hackwrench. She flies them in a rodent sized plane to Glacier Bay, but crash lands. Gadget stays behind to repair the plane while the others seek out Fat Cat and the ruby. We also meet Professor Nimnul for the first time, who is employed by Klordane to build a giant laser for Klordane's master plan.

4 ~ To the Rescue, Pt. 4
Rather than repair the old plane, Gadget ends up simply building a new plane, the familiar Ranger Plane, which is used through out the rest of the series. The group is finally successful in retrieving the ruby from the villains, but only temporarily. After coming back to the city from Glacier Bay, Klordane kidnaps Drake right out of his jail cell so that Drake can be a witness to his evil genius as his master plan comes together. Nimnul and Fat Cat then steal the ruby back right out of police headquarters, while at the same time framing Plato so that he then ends up being sent to the pound to be put to sleep. The five small heroes first have to save Plato, and then locate Klordane.

5 ~ To the Rescue, Pt. 5
The heroes, with Plato, pursue Klordane to a secret underground cavern where he uses a giant jello mold to create and earthquake under the federal gold reserve, cracking the building open, and spilling its gold into Klordane's waiting train cars. Through much effort, and a lot of teamwork, they thwart Klordane, getting him to confess and clear Drake of all wrong doing. In celebration back at the police station, Plato awards Chip and Dale with his police badge and dubs their group the "Rescue Rangers".

6 ~ A Chorus Crime
The Rangers must help Canina LeFur, a famous canine actress, after Professor Nimnul steals all her animal-sized tap shoes. He plans to put them on hundreds of penguins, arranging them in a line on a glacier so that their tapping with break off huge ice burgs that will disrupt shipping lanes.

7 ~ They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?
Canina needs the Ranger's help again, this time with her double-crossing stunt double Zsa Zsa, who intends to use her ability as a look alike for Canina to replace her and take over her career.

8 ~ Fake Me to Your Leader
Professor Nimnul invents the Gigantico Gun, which has the ability to enlarge objects to many times their normal size. He uses it to enlarge some pill bugs, which he then tries to pass off as aliens so that he can hold the city for ransom. Zipper also happens to become enlarged, however, and the Rangers have to find a way to stop Nimnul and change Zipper back.

9 ~ Out Of Scale
Nimnul's Gigantico Gun turns up again, this time in the hands of notorious gangster Ignatz 'Ratso' Ratskiwatski, who uses it in reverse to shrink landmarks which he holds for ransom. Chip and Dale end up captured by his goons who give them to Ratso's daughter, Buffy, so she can have some animals to play with. The other Rangers have to save them, and then everyone must find a way to return the landmarks to normal.

10 ~ Piratsy Under the Seas
When Dale gets taken out with the trash, the other Rangers try to save him and all end up on a garbage barge heading out to sea. The barge is then attacked by a group of rats known as the Pirats, who live in a sunken pirate ship, and Chip and Dale are taken below. It's up to the remaining Rangers to find a way down to save them, and then escape without being captured by the Pirats, or becoming food for Billy the Squid.

11 ~ Chipwrecked Shipmunks
After becoming shipwrecked on a remote island while testing one of Gadget's new vehicles, the Rangers are attacked by the Pirats who are out on a treasure hunt, and think the Rangers are after their gold. The Rangers must not only elude the Pirats wrath, but save them from an oncoming hurricane.

12 ~ A Case of Stage Blight
When the lead actor in a play has a mysterious accident, the Rangers investigate to find that an alligator obsessed with stage acting is trying to do away with the actor to take over the role. The Rangers must stop him before he succeeds, and ends up eating his audience.

13 ~ A Creep in the Deep
Captain Finn vows revenge on all land dwellers after he looses his whole school of anchovy to a fishing boat, and plans to use an old submarine he found to do it. The Rangers must stop him before he rams the submarine through the city's dam and floods the entire town.

14 ~ A Fly in the Ointment
A new invention of Nimnul's called the modemizer allows him to transport himself through phone lines, even to banks after business hours. The Rangers attempt to stop him, but something goes wrong, and Zipper's head ends up on Nimnul's body, and visa versa. Now the Rangers and Nimnul need each other's help to fix the mess.

15 ~ A Lad in a Lamp
Monty and Zipper find a magic lamp down by the docks, and Monty is tricked into taking the genie's place. To make matters worse, Monty's lamp then falls into the eager hands of Fat Cat, who finds it all too ironic that a Rescue Ranger is the key to granting his every wish. The Rangers must find the real genie of the lamp to save Monty, then find a way to stop Fat Cat before they're wished out of existence.

16 ~ A Lean on the Property
Monty's mom drops in for a visit and ends up helping the Rangers foil Fat Cat's plan for using moles to undermine the foundations of all the buildings in the city, in the hopes that the humans will move out and take all the dogs with them.

17 ~ Adventures in Squirrelsetting
In the process of trying to prevent Fat Cat from stealing the Maltese Mouse, the Rangers run into a family of squirrels, which includes Tammy and Bink. Fat Cat gets away with the mouse, though, so Tammy decides to try and get it back on her own because she has a crush on Chip and hopes to impress him. The Rangers then have to go to Fat Cat's casino to save her, Bink, and the Maltese Mouse.

18 ~ An Elephant Never Suspects
Someone is stealing all the peanuts from the zoo animals, and the elephants believe the Rangers are the prime suspects. The Rangers have to find the real thieves to clear their name without getting stomped.

19 ~ Battle of the Bulge
In an effort to get themselves into better shape for fighting crime, mostly for Monty's benefit, Gadget designs a workout program for the Rangers. They then get plenty of exercise trying to stop Fat Cat from using hired Jamaican fruit bats to steal jewels out of an armored helicopter.

20 ~ Bearing Up Baby
An old Disney character, Humphrey the bear, helps the Rangers look after and rescue a little boy when he wanders off on a family camping trip.

21 ~ The Carpetsnaggers
Nimnul is using his very own flying carpets to rob valuables out of wealthy homes, and it's up to the Rangers to find a way to unravel his plans.

22 ~ The Case of the Cola Cult
Gadget feels she's lost her inventor's touch and leaves the Rangers, thinking she's no longer any use to them. She is taken in by a strange soda pop worshiping cult, only to find that a mouse named Bubbles is trying to get rid of the current leader and take over. When the other Rangers are captured investigating the cult, Gadget alone must save them.

23 ~ Catteries Not Included
Nimnul is at it again, this time using a machine to rub the fur of cats and create massive charges of static electricity, which he then plans to use as a weapon. The Rangers must stop him, and also rescue one particular kitten so that they can return him to his owner.

24 ~ Chocolate Chips
While the Rangers are on vacation in South America, they stumble upon a German chocolate maker's plot to use mosquitoes full of mind control juice to hypnotize local natives so that they'll steal cacao trees for his chocolate empire. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes put the bite on the Rangers, too, except for Dale, who must now find a way to save his friends, and the chocolate.

25 ~ Dale Beside Himself
An alien shape shifter on vacation to Earth meets up with Dale and takes his form, then tricking Dale into taking his place back on his spaceship. His fellow aliens aren't happy about the switch, though, and come back to Earth to find the real alien, threatening to blow up the Earth is he doesn't come forward.

26 ~ Dirty Rotten Diapers
When a pint-sized crook resembling a baby starts robbing couples blind after they adopt him into their homes, Gadget makes it her personal mission to stop him, and decides that the Ranger's new "kinder and gentler" methods aren't always better.

27 ~ Does Pavlov Ring a Bell
The Rangers befriend a lab rat named Sparky, who along with his guinea pig friend, Buzz, have been motivationally conditioned by Nimnul to help him break into bank vaults. The Rangers need Sparky's help to stop Nimnul's plan, but can anything stop a motivated guinea pig?

28 ~ Double 'O Chipmunk
A spy game for Dale's sake turns into a real game of cloak and dagger when the Rangers' vacation photos accidentally get switched with a super spy's microfilm. When the other Rangers are captured, it's up to 00-Dale, and his sidekick Zipper, to save the day.

29 ~ Flash, the Wonder Dog
When Dale's tv hero, Flash the Wonderdog, is kidnapped and then framed for crimes he didn't commit, the Rangers investigate and discover Fat Cat behind the plot to ruin Flash's reputation. It's up to the Rangers to rescue him, but only Flash can rescue himself from the angry mob waiting for him when he returns, and prove his innocence.

30 ~ Gadget Goes Hawaiian
Lahwhiney, a mouse who happens to look almost exactly like Gadget, tricks Gadget into trading places with her in a survival test so that Lahwhiney can become queen of the native tribe of Hawaiian mice. Gadget must not only survive the test, but figure out a way to save her friends who are being held hostage by Lahwhiney inside a volcano.

31 ~ Ghost of a Chance
While in England, the Rangers run into one of Monty's ancestors, Sir Colby, who is cursed to remain a ghost because of cowardice while he was alive. The Rangers help him break the curse by helping him stop Fat Cat from stealing the Crown Jewels, as well as confronting the Canterville Cat.

32 ~ Good Times, Bat Times
When a would-be witch starts stealing ingredients for a spell, the Rangers investigate and run into Foxglove, a bat with a major crush on Dale. She helps protect the Rangers from the witch, and together with Dale, they destroy the witch's spell.

33 ~ Gorilla My Dreams
What does a 900 pound gorilla steal? Anything it wants. This is the basic idea behind Fat Cat's latest scheme when he steals the pet kitten of Kookoo, a large gorilla, and then forces KooKoo to rob any store he wants in order for her to get her kitten back. After all, no one would dare try to stop a gorilla from robbing a jewelry store, would they? No one but the Rescue Rangers!

34 ~ It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!
When Dale finds a piece of meteorite that gives him super powers, he goes it alone and becomes the city's local hero, known as Rubberbando. Unfortunately, someone else also finds a piece of the same meteorite, and using the same powers, steals monuments from around the world to hold for ransom. Only Rubberbando can stop him now, but he still needs the Rangers to help him do it.

35 ~ Kiwi's Big Adventure
While the Rangers are in South America, the Rangerplane is taken by a tribe of Kiwi birds who worship it as their "Really great flying god!" The Rangers fight to get it back, but after a crash it looks as if it will never fly again, and the Kiwi's are hot on their trail. On top of that, Dale is slowing them down by pretending to be injured so he can get attention from Gadget.

36 ~ The Last Leprechaun
While traveling through Ireland, the Rangers encounter a leprechaun, the only one not yet captured by an evil banshee who has stolen all the leprechauns' gold, and they agree to help him get his gold back. Unfortunately, when they become cornered in the Banshee's mansion, he tricks the banshee into capturing Dale instead of him. Now the Rangers not only have to get the leprechaun's gold back from the banshee to restore his magic, but Dale has to find a way to save himself from being a slave in the banshee's gold mine forever.

37 ~ Last Train to Cashville
While investigating the disappearance of a boy's toy train, the Rangers stumble upon a plan of Fat Cat's to use the train to steal gold bricks out of a bank. Making matters complicated is the fact that lately Dale has been staying up all night watching late movies, so he can't stay awake for the case.

38 ~ Le Purrfect Crime
The Rangers encounter Fat Cat's cousin while in Paris, and must work to stop him from executing a plan to drive all the dogs out of the city. Dale suffers a bump on the head, though, and when he wakes up he is brainwashed into thinking he is Ramdale, sworn enemy of the Rangers.

39 ~ Love is a Many Splintered Thing
A fiancé from Monty's past named Desiree resurfaces and uses her influence on Monty to trick the Rangers into stealing a valuable antique for her gang of thugs. Monty has to come to grips with his misplaced emotional attachment to her in order to save the Rangers, and stop her plan.

40 ~ The Luck Stops Here
Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, Gadget becomes trapped in the briefcase of a superstitious inventor and temporarily becomes his good luck pet, much to the dismay of Kismet, his cat. While trying not to get eaten by Kismet, Gadget helps the inventor out with some of his inventions. Ultimately, though, in order to save Gadget from Kismet, the inventor has to find it within himself to make his inventions work.

41 ~ Mind Your Cheese & Q's
To find out why there's a cheese shortage in town, the Rangers travel to a dairy farm to find that a notorious mobster known as Rat Capone is stealing all the milk so he can corner the cheese market. In their attempt to stop him, the Rangers pretend to be gang of their own, but Capone sees through their disguise and captures Gadget while flushing the other Rangers down a storm drain. They have to save Gadget, but in order to do so, Monty must overcome his weakness for cheese.

42 ~ Normie's Science Project
While trying to recover a little boy's stolen science project, the Rangers stumble upon a plot of Nimnul's to use sonic waves to level the city.

43 ~ One-Upsman-Chip
Chip and Dale's pranks on each other go awry when Dale is captured by Fat Cat's gang and used as shark bait so Fat Cat can steal the world's largest pearl.

44 ~ Out To Launch
When the Rangers go to watch the first launch of the new Spaceplane, Chip and Dale are accidentally sent into space and left drifting in orbit inside a space suit. Gadget has to build her own rocket in order to save them, and then they all have to save the Spaceplane after the astronauts are left unconscious from a meteorite impact.

45 ~ Parental Discretion Retired
Monty's dad, Cheddarhead Charlie, pays a visit while he's in port and tries to help the Rangers stop Fat Cat from stealing sturgeon so he can make his own caviar. Unfortunately, his lack of planning gets them into trouble as often as his good fortune pulls them out.

46 ~ Pie in the Sky
What seems to be a little case of helping a lost swallow find her way to Capistrano turns into a big case, as the Rangers must find a way to stop an overzealous business woman from using a giant magnet to attract wild birds to her factory, which she then plans to use as a free source of meat for her pies.

47 ~ The Pied Piper Power Play
Nimnul is at it again, this time using sounds that only mice can hear in order to lure them to his laboratory, where he then forces them to produce electricity for him by running in thousands of exercise wheels. Even Gadget is captured by his evil scheme, and it looks like the only way to stop Nimnul may end up sacrificing the Rangers.

48 ~ Pound of the Baskervilles
The Rangers try to help a dog named McDuff to find the lost will of the late lord Howard Baskerville, writer of the Sherluck Jones mystery novels that Chip loves to read. The will would give rightful ownership of Baskerville hall to Roger, lord Baskerville's younger son, but the Rangers have to hurry before lord Baskerville's older son finds the will and destroys it, kicking Roger out of the hall, and sending McDuff to the pound.

49 ~ Prehysterical Pet
A dinosaur from a far away planet, whom Dale names Steggy, comes to Earth to find out what happened to a lost expedition sent from his planet long ago. Unfortunately, while on Earth he is gaining weight remarkably fast, and his spaceship, resembling a dinosaur egg, is found by a paleontologist and taken to a museum for study. The Rangers have to help him get his ship back, and do it before Steggy becomes a full grown dinosaur.

50 ~ Puffed Rangers
When toy cars turn up missing in cereal boxes, the Rangers travel to China to investigate and discover a plot to use the cereal boxes to smuggle real cars that have been shrunken down so as to avoid import taxes. Unfortunately, the case takes them right through Cat Street, forcing Monty to overcome his fear of cats, or lose his friends.

51 ~ Rest Home Rangers
Nimnul's new Fogey device can age things at a highly accelerated rate, which he then plans to use to rust open bank vaults. In trying to stop him, Monty is accidentally hit with the beam and becomes an aged mouse. The Rangers must put a stop to Nimnul's plans, and hopefully find a way to reverse the process to turn Monty back to normal.

52 ~ Risky Beesness
Irwina Allen, an inventor at an pest control company, creates a device which she uses to hypnotize a swarm of bees so that they'll play instruments for her in her rock and roll band. The Rangers have to help Queenie, the queen of the swarm, get the bees back.

53 ~ Robocat
An inventor creates a robotic cat named Tom, hoping it will catch mice, but it turns out too gentle and he discards it. Fat Cat gets his hands on it, though, and reprograms the cat to be his merciless soldier. The Rangers have to stop Tom and return him to normal before he can carry out Fat Cat's plan to steal a rare fish.

54 ~ The S. S. Drainpipe
An investigation into the theft of toy boats leads the Rangers to uncover a plot by Rat Capone to use the boats to break into jewelry stores through their floor drains. With all the other Rangers captured and forced to be Capone's slaves, it's up to Dale and his imaginary hero, The Red Badger, to save the other Rangers and foil Capone's plans.

55 ~ Seer No Evil
While visiting a traveling carnival, the Rangers run into Cassandra, an old gypsy moth friend of Monty and Zipper's, who makes a living with the carnival as a fortune teller. Unfortunately, she predicts doom for Chip, and it seems that nothing can stop her prediction from coming true.

56 ~ Shellshocked
While on vacation at the beach, the Rangers investigate the disappearance of shells, which has caused a local housing shortage among the crustaceans. Dale insists that he get to lead the investigation for once, and they discover that Fat Cat is using the shells to trick fish into his fishing nets. But can Dale figure out how to stop him?

57 ~ Short Order Crooks
When two would-be crooks trick the owner of a diner into taking a vacation so that they can use the diner as cover to tunnel into an adjacent bank, the Rangers cook up a plan to keep the diner open so that it doesn't go out of business, and keep the crooks too busy to follow through on their plan.

58 ~ Song of the Night 'N Dale
On the first test flight of the new Rangerwing, the Rangers are transported by the jet stream to China where they meet a small bird named Chirp Sing, who believes he is cursed, and is causing his emperor to go mad. The Rangers have to find the true source of the madness, and uncover a plot to drive the emperor from power.

59 ~ Three Men and a Booby
When an eggcentric egg collector poaches a rare booby egg from its mother, the Rangers try to help her crack the case and get it back. The plan doesn't go eggxactly as intended, though, and the mother booby is caged, forcing the Rangers to look after her hatching egg while hatching up another plan to eggxtract her.

60 ~ Throw Mummy From the Train
While in Egypt, the Rangers team up with an ancient mummy to get back a special ring before the thief who stole it can use it to awaken the Sphinx in an attempt to steal a hoard of priceless jewels.

61 ~ Weather or Not
When strange weather events begin occurring inside banks, whose vaults are then left empty, the Rangers investigate and find Nimnul and his new weather machine to be the cause. Tracking him down proves to be more difficult than expected, but strangely enough, Monty's tail seems to be the key at predicting where the next robbery will occur.

62 ~ When Mice Were Men
The Rangers travel to Mexico where Monty has to face an old enemy, an old and powerful bull named El Emenopio, who's terrorizing a village. The village mice have faith in "El Monty Grande", but Monty isn't so sure, and has to come clean about what really happened the last time he had to face this bull. It's then up to all the Rangers, with a little engineering help from Gadget, to put this bull back in his place.

63 ~ When You Fish Upon a Star
Something is sinking ships off the coast of Canine Island, an area Monty knows well. When the Rangers go to investigate they become shipwrecked themselves, and discover that Fat Cat is somehow manipulating the constellations to mislead ships right into a reef so he can steal their cargo. But how do you change the stars?

64 ~ Wolf in Cheap Clothing
The Rangers try to stop Nimnul when he creates a device that lets him trade forms with animals so that he then can use their abilities to commit crimes. But how can the Rangers stop him when he can take the form of a wolf to hunt them down?

65 ~ Zipper Come Home
When Zipper is feeling neglected and useless, he decides to run off for a while to be alone. Unfortunately for him, he's captured by a tribe of water beetles that intend to sacrifice him to an overgrown bullfrog. After the other Rangers are locked in a cage, it's now up to Monty to save everyone.

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